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Columbus Ohio Home Automation Tips

Columbus Ohio Home Automation Tips

How Keyless Smart Locks Can Improve your Life

Have you ever gone through the frustration of losing the key to your house? Having to go through all the trouble of getting a locksmith and eventually changing the entire lock is a very tedious job. Apart from that, there have been countless times that we have forgotten to lock the doors of our house while going out. All these home security risks can eventually lead to you a robbery. While it is tough to make sure that we don’t lose the keys as well as lock the door every time, we can make use of smart door locks that would certainly solve the problem. Let us now have a look at the different ways keyless locks can improve our lives.

Home Shield Alarm Smart Home Security Package1: Increases accessibility:

We have all been in situations where we have misplaced the keys to the doors. Additionally, there have been times when we have also been locked out with the keys inside the house.

The only solution in such scenarios is to call a locksmith to open the door.

However, this entire scenario could have been avoided if we used smart locks instead. Since such locks usually open up using our phone, pin, or fingerprint, it becomes very easy for us not to worry about the keys anymore.

2: Smart locks simplifies security:

Home security is very important in Columbus, OH. Most of our valuables are usually kept in our houses. Using the traditionally key lock system was a point of failure of home security systems. By making use of smart locks, we can get notified whenever an unauthorized person opens the door.

3: Handling smart lock:

Using  smart locks makes our life a whole lot more convenient. Unlike the traditional locks where we would have to do all the work ourselves, smart locks come with intelligent features that remind users about various activities. There have been numerous times when I have not locked the door properly before I go out. In these cases, we would not get to know about this until we get back home. However, with the smart lock security system, we can get notified about not having locked the doors correctly.

Thus, helping us correct our own mistakes.

4: Increase in connectivity:

As the age of IoT is upon us, all smart devices are interconnected over the internet. It means that your smart door lock security system can be configured along with the other security systems in your house. By syncing up with all the other security devices, your home security would undoubtedly have the upper hand over the burglars. The security system would be able to trigger alarms, capture videos, as well as send notifications with your intervention.


Smart keyless locks are a great addition to today’s home security systems. At Home Shield Alarm we offer all the latest smart home automation equipment. With so many cost effective smart security options there has never been a better time to upgrade! Call us today and get the home security you deserve.