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Commercial Security Systems

Custom Surveillance & Access Control Solutions for Large Properties.


Home Shield Alarm Security OSHA Compliant

Home Shield Alarm Security offers the best commercial security systems in Ohio. We have not only commercial-grade equipment, but also commercial-grade applications, so you can be in control of your commercial security system anywhere in the world. If you have multiple locations, we can make sure all of them are connected under a unified platform. As a business owner, it is important to be able to grow your business without worrying about your security, all our systems can be expanded without any effort. We protect all commercial business, regardless of the size.

Home Shield Alarm helps you improve your commercial business and protect it. With our commercial grade equipment and technology suite, you can be assured that you are in safe hands with your business. By providing excellent equipment, customer service and free consultations, we have gained the loyal support and trust of commercial business all around Ohio. Call us today to see how your business can be helped.

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Our Solutions

Access Control

Control when and who can enter

Remote Notifications

Receive remote notifications no matter where you are.

Cloud Storage

Video data is encrypted and stored safely in the cloud

5-Star Monitoring

You are protected by best 5-star UL monitoring

Professional Installation

Professional licensed technicians will install your entire system

24/7 Recording

Stay protected day or night with our 24/7 live recording

Commercial Security Monitoring

Home security camera feed on smartphone

At Home Shield Alarm we believe that the best security equipment should have the best monitoring. That is why we have partnered with Brinks to give our customers industry-leading alarm monitoring. Our partnership gives our business customers more than just monitoring, they get industry-leading response times, professional customer service and 24/7 monitoring, so that they are protected by the best no matter the time of day.

Home security camera feed on smartphone
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HD camera cluster

Our commercial-grade cameras offer you the perfect view of your commercial business 24/7 with their wide-angle and night-vision lenses. With our high-tech security systems, you control and monitor your commercial business in real-time from anywhere in the world. We believe you should be able to rest easy knowing that your business is always protected and you are always in control no matter where you are.

Commercial Security Solutions

An interior of a warehouse.

Home Shield Alarm Home Security does more than just protect homes, we protect commercial businesses of all types. Everything from warehouses, factories or utility facilities, we can offer your business the best security equipment available. With a new commercial security installation package, you will have all of your cameras, monitors, and panels professional installed and ready to protect your commercial business.

Industries We Serve

Home Shield Alarm protects a variety of commercial business industries. We have the experience needed to provide your business with the highest rated and most secure commercial security systems and equipment possible. All of our equipment is always commercial grade and installed by a licensed professional. Our equipment is not just the best, so is our certified alarm monitoring. You can rest assured know that we make sure that your commercial business is protected with the best equipment and monitoring available.

Safety First on All Security Commercial Solutions
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